The PFF was established because there was no recognised body dedicated to finance professionals in the property industry. It is purposely focused on finance professionals and not for surveyors, bankers or lawyers.

The PFF does not set out to be a lobbying group. It is above all a forum where finance professionals in the property sector can, through organised events, network with each other, gain specific practical experience and “trade war stories” among their peers.

The PFF will, where appropriate, organise events focusing on a whole range of current topics relevant to PFF members, drawing on its relationships and links with other professionals such as surveyors, bankers, lawyers and tax advisers.

With help from the PFF members, the Steering Group will drive the development of the Forum forward, by continuing to offer quality events, information and training dedicated to finance professionals.

In addition to the above, the PFF has a sub group of young members who are actively encouraged to use the PFF to build their networks. Young members are invited to all events, and are able to meet senior professionals within the industry. For the avoidance of doubt, the PFF classes anyone with up to 10 years’ experience as a young member.

Langham Hall Peston Breakfast 2018 (52)
Robert Peston